Writing Prompt Wednesday!

I guess since Valentine’s Day is next week we’ll try something in that vein. Write a piece with one of these titles:

“The Chocolate in the Box”

“Big Teddy Travesty”

“A Rose for Emily, A Violet for Georgia”

“Candy Company”

Good luck with these and happy writing! ❤


Writing Prompt Wednesday!

It’s been too long!!! Well, let’s get to it! Try using these lines in a piece:

“Okay, I need you all to hug the wall.”

“I’ve hugged this wall more than my own family!”

Good luck, good health (been sick lately), and happy writing!!!


Writing Prompt Wednesday!

A little late in the day but here’s something for you:

write a piece about the apocalypse; but DON’T include:


-deadly virus

-global warming

-nuclear holocaust

I know, I’m probably taking the fun out of it. But I’m putting a little more fun back in to get your creative juices flowing. Good luck my peeps and happy writing!!


Writing Prompt Wednesday!

Halloween’s over (booo!) but if you’re Latino, Día de Muertos has begun! For any who don’t know, Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead is a two-day holiday (Nov. 1 & 2) originating in Mexico where people honor their dearly departed loved ones. For more info, check it out here.

Anyways, here’s a twofer for you! You can pick either of the two prompts or do both, it’s up to you. You can’t even combine the two (le gasp! Bold)!

-Use the this image in your Day of the Dead story: a road of marigold petals.

-Write a story using the five senses to describe  the season of Autumn.

Good luck and happy writing!!


Writing Prompt Wednesday!

One more week until Halloween! Now, write a piece with these words in it:

-candy corn

-nail salon

-tricked out ride

-black cat

-your mom’s house

-full moon

A bit random but I hope you all have fun with it. Good luck and happy writing!!!


Writing Prompt Wednesday!

I watched the movie The Conjuring 2 last night. Not a bad movie if you like haunting types, which I do. So here’s one for you:

Write a piece about a haunted house. And to make things a little random include a character with the name Ebby.

Good luck with this Halloween cliche and happy writing!!