Writing Prompt Wednesday!

Include these words/phrases in your piece:

-luscious sunset locks

-riding into the sunset

-those pesky lawnmower stripes


Good luck with this one and happy writing!!


Writing Prompt Wednesday!

It’s been too long!!! Well, let’s get to it! Try using these lines in a piece:

“Okay, I need you all to hug the wall.”

“I’ve hugged this wall more than my own family!”

Good luck, good health (been sick lately), and happy writing!!!

Writing Prompt Wednesday!

A little late in the day but here’s something for you:

write a piece about the apocalypse; but DON’T include:


-deadly virus

-global warming

-nuclear holocaust

I know, I’m probably taking the fun out of it. But I’m putting a little more fun back in to get your creative juices flowing. Good luck my peeps and happy writing!!

Writing Prompt Wednesday!

A little late in the day but here it is! Try you hand at concrete poetry. What is concrete poetry? ¬† According to Poetry Foundation it is a “verse¬†that emphasizes nonlinguistic elements in its meaning, such as a typeface that creates a visual image of the topic.”

Its a poem that looks like something. Let’s be a little more specific with this. Write a concrete poem using one of these words as your image:



-phone (an old phone or an iPhone it doesn’t matter)

-the moon

-an hourglass

A little ambitious especially if you’re not a poetry person but hey, you could get creative and turn it into flash fiction eh? Good luck and happy writing!!