Writing Prompt Wednesday!

Here’s an image prompt. Write a piece based on the image below.


pic prompt

Sorry the quality’s pretty shoddy. I took the image myself from my camera phone while at work. Good luck with lackluster photography skills and happy writing!


The Fabulous Life

So I recently gave up a easy life desk job at a call center to stay at my old and current job in fast food. (I felt really bad on my last day because I left only an hour after I got there because my nose has been stuffed up. I almost died from lack of oxygen talking to one lady when my nose plugged up. She might have heard me revving my engine [blowing my nose] when I missed the mute button.) Yep, I willingly stayed in fast food, a job that is the brunt of many a joke. Well I do not plan to stay there the rest of my life. I didn’t get a degree and owe thousands of dollars for nothing.

Sure the desk job was easy; all I had to do was sit there waiting for people to answer their phones then ask to answer surveys. My coworkers there were nice, I really liked them. But let me tell you something: it’s boring.


I know I know, “so what if it’s boring? That’s easy money right there.” True. And most of the calls I got were answering machines. I saw a variety of ways people kept themselves amused sitting there waiting for willing people to answer their phones.


I managed to finish the last two volumes of Dengeki Daisy by Kyousuke Motomi and got 2/3 of the way finished with the second three-in-one of Yoshiki Nakamura’s Skip Beat (both are hilarious by the way, check ’em out).

I guess the thing with me here is that I like to feel like I’m earning my money. I like doing something. At fast food, I’m constantly on the go-or I try to be. Taking orders, taking money, stocking, prepping, cleaning, dishes, usually I can find something to do.

True, there are things about fast food life that suck. Working in any kind of retail or service environment is a lesson in patience. When dealing with customers you have to smile and be friendly. You can’t be giving people the stink eye and throwing attitude.


And yeah there are nights when closing the dining room and people come right before and want to sit down and eat when I make their order to go. (I’m trying to send a message to them here.)


Then there are the people who want to order 20-45 items in the drive-thru instead of bringing their lazy self inside. We’re going to pull you up anyway might as well save your gas.


There are times when I get frustrated with the stupid people. The good thing is that I like my coworkers. I just come in and do my work. That’s all I care about; doing a good enough job so I don’t get fired. I’m not interested in causing petty drama with anyone. I’m good to them and vice versa. They’re kind of like my family now. My big, loud, ghetto-sometimes ratchet-family. -_-;

Bottom line is, when you’ve got people you want to work with, the job ain’t so bad. I hear about people who hate their jobs and hate the people they work with. My job in the fast food lane ain’t perfect but I like the people I work with. So that makes staying worth it.


Still looking for a new job though.