eBook Finish! Demon Prince of Momochi House, vol. 5!

Finished this awhile ago (don’t I always?) and thought I get this out the way since volume 6 just downloaded to my Nook last night and I finished it!
Last time, Himari got quite the shock when Yukari revealed he used to be a human condemned for the sin of eating human flesh. Holy-! O.O

Yukari drops that bomb but at the beginning of the chapter it’s a hot summer day at Momochi house, which doesn’t have A/C or electric fans. Everyone’s hot and grouchy except Yukari, who tells Himari it’s because he’s a water ayakashi. The gang all get Aoi to take them to the ayakashi world where there’s a watering hole or something. Of course, the public pool is filled to capacity with other lesser ayakashi looking to stay cool.

Interesting enough, some of them say the waters elsewhere are becoming tainted. Hmm… Since it’s crowded, Yukari takes them to the Momochi house well where they’re transported to a sacred spring of the dragon god, Ryujin. Ryujin’s the one who turned Yukari into an ayakashi and that spring was where Yukari stayed until ordered by Ryujin to Momochi house.

Kinda lonely as it’s Ryujin’s job to purify the water so he’s constantly on the move. But this pure water oasis doesn’t stay that way for long as the water turns black with taint. At first the lesser yokai believe Ryujin is mad Yukari for leaving the spring. Um, what? Ryujin told Yukari to leave. Hmph! Then they decide a human sacrifice is required to somehow appease the god. Himari, who had previously been wearing a headband that disguises her human status, reveals herself and says she’ll be the sacrifice!

After protests from both Aoi and Yukari, Himari is prepared as the sacrifice. Lo and behold, it works and Ryujin appears but he’s doesn’t look good!

Ryujin becoming a cursed god

After taking Himari, Yukari begs Aoi to release the seal on his power and as a water serpent ayakashi gets close to Ryujin. As Yukari goes to rescue Himari and try to talk to Ryujin she notices a paper seal. When she touches it, something happens and we get to see memories from Yukari’s past!

We get to see a quick flashback of how Yukari was abandoned in feudal Japan, taken in by a nobleman, trained by said nobleman to assassinate the emperor, infiltrate the palace as a girl, and befriend the emperor. Thing was, Yukari started to feel sympathy for the emperor, who wasn’t a bad guy just not fit for the job, and couldn’t kill him. Bad thing, ’cause a rival of the nobleman’s kills the emperor and blames it on Yukari!

Rather than make a public spectacle of it and to protect himself, the nobleman has Yukari sacrificed to Ryujin who in turn decides to make Yukari an ayakashi.

Thanks to Himari’s help, Ryujin is able to break the seal’s hold on him and have a bit of a heart-to-heart with Yukari. Ryujin has to constantly move around to keep the waters pure so he kind of closed his heart off. Same with Yukari who had an emotionless air and expression about him. Himari reassures Ryujin that the waters he purifies ties them together and Yukari promises to visit with Ryujin more often. Ryujin’s glad he sent Yukari to Momochi House because he’s not so expressionless anymore and is surrounded by a family of sorts. It’s a nice ending.

All’s well that ends well. Of course, Aoi isn’t happy with Himari putting herself in danger and devises a cute punishment for her by having the fox brother’s tie her up for a bit before she rushes off to school.


At school, it seems Himari has become something of a handy-dandy pyschic for helping Hayato. Everybody wants her advice or to use her special Momochi powers to help them with their problems. While Himari insists she doesn’t have any special powers she does try to help her fellow classmates as best she can.
With her new-found popularity comes a few haters. Nothing real big, just a few girls who have a crush on Hayato and don’t like Himari being so close to him. Pretty typical but also funny since last volume everyone was convinced he was cursed and avoided him like the Black Plague.

The girls invite Himari and Hayato on a scare-dare to a certain mountain with a rock that has a face on it. It’s suppose to speak if you make it to the top of the mountain at night with only a single candle to light your way. Himari and Hayato agree but Aoi refuses to help Himari in any way when she tells him where she’s going. Aoi reassures himself it should be alright since she’s going to Renge mountain where a benevolent ayakashi is suppose to reside.

The night of the scare-dare, it turns out one of girls got the name wrong and it’s Renri mountain, not Renge. The group head up there anyway and the girls all “accidentally” trip, push, and shove Himari into the dirt.

Poor girl. She’s all muddy before they even make it to the top. And they get mad when Hayato shows concern and tells her to stay close to him. You’re mad at that?! Of course if you bully her like that she’s going to get more attention. *Sigh* dumb girls.

The group make it to the top and at first nothing happens. Then the rock starts moving so Hayato and Himari both reach out to grab it and then it starts laughing.

 Everybody freaks out and rushes down the mountain where they eventually make it to Momochi house. Hayato heads out for some lights and the girls are left alone while Himari steps out.
I love this part. So the girls are convinced Himari’s playing a trick on them since one of them saw her messing with her phone but when they leave the room, determined to show that Himari isn’t some “spiritual priestess”, they get the scare of their lives!

Thanks to some sleeping incense the girls pass out and won’t remember the night. Then the Nue notices a mark on Himari’s hand from where she touched the stone.
Both Himari and Hayato got cursed and have to kiss within a week or die!

Aoi goes to Kasha for help which he gives in return for the pillow incident last volume. We also learn from him that those paper seals might be the work of a human.

Kasha helps

After an interesting day at school in which those girls apologize for Himari getting hurt (she had to bandage the seal on her hand to hide it) one of the girls resolves to be honest about her feelings for Hayato. Empowered, Himari decides to do the same with Aoi.
When stops at home real quick before going back out, she tells Aoi she’s in love with him.


 How does he react? At first the look on his face is ecstatic, he looks so happy! But what does he tell her? “I’m sorry, Himari, I can’t see you that way.”


The volume ends with that. Aoi, why???! It’s so obvious he feels the same way, I mean, look at his face when she confesses!!

Does that look like the face of a boy who doesn’t feel the same way?! I was beside myself with the ending so I pre-ordered the next volume. Now volume 6 was great, it came out in October and the content was amazing for Halloween! But more on that in the next eBook Finish!


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