eBook Finish! The Demon Prince of Momochi House, vol. 3


So, in the last volume of Demon Prince of Momochi House, things got a little creepy. Some new school friends of Himari’s decide to come visit the rumored Momochi house but Himari finds out one of her friends isn’t actually alive!


Creepy, huh? And Himari has to figure who it is before it turns into a demon! And speaking of demons, we’re formally introduced to the figure at the end of the last volume and the one who’s responsible for the ghost, Kasha.


It seems Aoi has an aversion to him and Kasha in particular enjoys messing with him and causing trouble at Momochi house. Some of the following antics in the chapters are the result of Kasha’s meddling.


“He always targets the things I don’t like.”- Aoi

Not only that, but it seems Himari is slowly becoming apart of Momochi house as her and Ise get closer. Well, not really closer, but at the end of the chapter he does seem to tolerate her better.


Plus side, we do get a little more time with Aoi and Himari and even Himari and the Nue when they go to an ayakashi party/sealing cermony. Aoi even makes Himari a little flower ring which becomes the focus point of the next volume.

More ayakashi antics, more new characters being introduced! This time it’s not a bad for me as it seems these new characters are going to stick around. I still wonder why Kasha seems so interested in Aoi. Is it just because he’s the nue or something else?

So far, there’s really no central plot going on right now. Usually, we’ll get these episodic events-a monster of the week type thing-before a main villain and a major plot start to develop but that still hasn’t happened. Again, not a bad thing since it’s still pretty entertaining watching Himari’s adventures. Questions are still out there, like what’s the big deal with Kasha? Are we going to get any history about Momochi house or even who the previous Omamori-sama was? Does that even matter? Guess I’ll have to keep reading to find out.


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