eBook Finish! The Demon Prince of Momochi House, vol. 2

I actually finished this some time ago along with volume 3 (reviews coming). So let’s dive into it!

*Mild spoilers ahead!!!*

So as we learned at the end of the first volume, Aoi accidentally became the Omamori-sama instead of Himari. Not only that but Aoi can’t leave Momochi house at all and it seems his existence in the outside world is completely erased! Say what??!

So of course, Himari makes it her mission to release Aoi from Momochi house. This is the declaration but from there no real progress.

From here it’s mostly Himari adjusting to Momochi house with her witnessing some of the Nue’s duties and she even witnesses him getting a new shikigami. It’s the little pudgy penguin looking Ayakashi who’s new name I forget. He gets a human form briefly at the beginning of the chapter and I find it funny he calls his human form ugly!

Not only does Himari have to adjust to a house of ayakashi, she starts school nearby. And everyone has heard of the haunted Momochi house. We get an introduction to a few new minor characters as they decide they’d like to visit and see for themselves if the rumors are true.

The hilarity of Himari trying to hide the fact that she lives with three guys is only punctuated by how the guys come up with the method to do that!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a typical funny “I gotta hide the fact that they’re dudes” kind of episode. Turns out one of Himari’s classmates aren’t who they seem.

So the story as a whole is still kind of introductory with some new characters, good and bad as we see at the very end of this volume. I like the new classmates but I feel like it’s a little pointless if they’re not going to do much or be in the story often. Maybe they’re there to keep Himari tied to the human world? 😕 I still like how the story is going so far. Not too rushed and so far, not too slow.


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