No More Pile!

I have completed my pile!! Yaay!!!! The mound of books that had been sitting on my shelf for ages are finally on my shelf where they belong! Now the only thing sitting there are library books. 🙂 From my first post about this I had included Goliath by Scott Westerfeld but later I took it off and will add it to my summer reading.


The book at the bottom of the pile:

Skip Beat 3-in-1 volume 3 (volumes 7, 8, and 9)


Yoshiki Nakamura’s showbiz hit about a girl out for revenge continues! Recap: Kyoko Mogami followed the love of her life, Sho Fuwa to Tokyo so he could fulfill his dream of being a rock star. When he no longer needed her, he ditched her! Now Kyoko’s out for revenge by joining showbiz to become a bigger star than Sho.

This big edition has Kyoko and Sho reuniting when she accepts an offer to appear in his promo clip for a new song. Her hate waves are out in full force and it’s hilarious seeing the Grudge Kyokos on the loose and out for blood when Sho says something irritating. We’re also introduced to Mimori who’s like a past Kyoko: all gaga for Sho. It’s painful for Kyoko kinda irritating for the reader to see her gush over a guy who is obviously indifferent to her feelings. It’s also annoying when Mimori refers to herself in third person (how old are you? Not cute). And she’s mean to Kyoko at school. I don’t like her.

Despite her grudge, Kyoko manages to finish the job with progress made in her acting. The middle part of the big edition deals with her friendship with Kanae (Moko) Kotonami. Trouble with another actor on set has Kyoko worried for her friend and the harsh and chilly Kanae finally opens up to another person. This part of the volume was so funny for me as we get to meet Moko’s (huge) family and why she tries to keep them out of her life as much as possible. In return, Kyoko shares with her why she joined showbiz.

This volume also sets up what’s going to be called the Dark Moon arc, where Kyoko gets an offer to star in a remake of a popular drama from 20 years ago. Ren Tsuruga is also starring in it against the LME president’s wishes (it’s a love drama and Ren sucks at acting out love) so we’ll get more screen time with him. The story line is picking up for me so I can’t wait to dig in to the other volumes on my shelf.

Next on my reading list are my library books so that’s going to be fun. And then there’s… The Box. What’s in The Box you ask? You will find out-uhh-when I’m done with my library books. ^_^;


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