Library Finish: Tiger’s Curse with mild spoilers


I finally finished the library book, Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck, that was sitting on my shelf. I was looking for more YA books to get into and I got the sample on my Nook. Seeing the $8.99 e-book I was like, “Whoo, I like you but.. not that much.”

Uh, anyway.

I got Tiger’s Curse from the library and even though it took me awhile to finish it I loved so much I considered buying it multiple times. So this girl Kelsey has lost her parents and is living with a nice foster couple and two siblings but we don’t see much of them. Recently graduated she take a two-week temp job working for a traveling circus. One of the main attractions? A performing white tiger from India named Dhiren and she instantly feels a connection to the mysterious tiger. Flash-forward, Kelsey is whisked away to India after Ren is purchased and finds he isn’t a tiger. Nope, he’s a 300 year-old Indian prince put under a curse and Kelsey’s the only one who can help solve a centuries-old prophecy and free him and his brother, Kishan!

I really liked Kelsey and the fact that she was willing to accept something so fantastic easily enough and help out total strangers. Kelsey didn’t freak out the way I’ve seen other heroines do and I really like that her and Ren got along so well. The only times I wanted to shake her was when it had to do with her feelings for Ren.

Ren was so sweet and gentlemanly while still being a young man with his own flaws. I loved seeing his interactions with Kelsey as both a man and a tiger. He can only stay a man for 24 minutes of every 24 hour day so you can see throughout the book how he tries to make the most of his time.

I think my favorite scene was when they were in Kishkindha to collect the Golden Fruit and Ren got to be a man all time. I won’t spoil with too many details but the interaction between the two was great for a romantic like me.

We also get to meet Ren’s younger brother Kishan who is a black tiger living in the jungle. To say those two don’t get along is an understatement and when he first meets Kelsey it’s obvious he’s attracted. So that sets us up for a love triangle -__-; Dammit, I don’t like love triangles.


This book sees the first task in Durga’s prophecy complete which has an unexpected and welcome impact on our tiger boys.

And we get back to the romance between Kelsey and Ren.

First it’s  like


Then it’s like


And the end when she leaves so Ren can adjust to being human longer!


I was like, “Whyyyy? Why didn’t you stay? I mean, I understand part of your reasoning but the other part is stupid! T__T”

I was going to wait to get the next one, Tiger’s Quest buuut….

I checked it out from the library anyway. I can’t wait!



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