Spring Fever

I was thinking of putting this up as a page on my blog. In honor of the first day of Spring, a tidbit from a story I wrote a few years ago. 

March 1st

Spring sat sprawled in his lazy-boy armchair staring grimly at the calendar in his hand. It was the beginning of March and the Vernal Equinox was getting closer. Normally he would have been thrilled at the arrival of the warm season and carefully planned on how best to get it started. Lately, however, things had been taking a down turn with the frozen season. It seemed like his brother Winter felt entitled to run a longer term than the other seasons. Every year when Spring came out to melt the ice and get the flowers blooming, Winter would come up and do something childish. Like last year, Winter kicked him in the balls. No, literally, Winter came right up to Spring and land a well-aimed foot square in the nuts. And Spring hadn’t saw it coming! Every year he would be on guard, waiting for Winter to attack but for some reason, his frosty sibling always got the better of him. The year before last, Winter had come up behind Spring and given him an atomic wedgie. Then while Spring was down, Winter would lay on a new coat of ice and snow and winter would continue another month.

It wasn’t fair! Spring only got two months’ worth of warm days and cool nights and lately he’d been begging Summer to let him stay on another few weeks. She’d been a good sport about it since they were both warm seasons and she like to heat things up when the children and college kids got out of school. “You can make it up to me by taking me on Spring Break!” She’d said, which meant she wanted to go to Mardi Gras and didn‘t want to go there by herself.  She had honestly never been there and usually spent that time in Miami with the old people and attending some fashion institute. But never mind that. This year was going to be different; he was going to get Winter and really stick it to him. He just needed a plan.

While he was thinking, his wife, April came in with a tray of assorted cookies and a tall glass of milk. Today some soap marathon was on. General Hospital, One Life to Live, he forgot which, they were all the same. She turned her head to him as she walked in, noticing his gloomy aura. Setting the tray down, April went over to her husband’s side and sat down on the chair’s arm. “What’s wrong, sweetie? You’re usually so happy this time of year.”

“Not this time,” Spring replied. “Why bother getting excited for the first day of a new season if Winter’s just going to come in and ruin it. Christ, ever year now he’s been butting in on my time of the year. No one likes a Winter Wonderland at the beginning of my season so he can just shove it!” The millenniums-year old bringer of greenery folded his arms and pouted.

“Have you tried talking to him? This could just be a misunderstanding.”

“How is kicking me below the belt a misunderstanding?”

“Maybe he’s having some problems. His clothing business isn’t doing so well, his wife told me,” April informed. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he started neglecting his season duties and didn’t show up for Winter Solstice!”

That sparked an idea. Not show up huh? Spring rubbed his clean shaven chin thoughtfully, trying to will the idea into form. Then he had it! He was going to beat Winter at his own game. He jumped up and kissed his wife’s cheek. “April, my lovely, you are a genius!” Then he headed to his private study to plan, leaving April sitting on the recliner’s arm with a confused expression.

Vernal Equinox

Over the next few weeks since, Spring continued his usual duties of warming the climate where necessary. Melting things here, sending a warm breeze there. Now it was finally here, the First Day and where was Spring? At home in his pajamas with this month’s subscription of Men’s Health. The weather report was on and chances of snow were 40 % ignoring the fact that already it was flurrying outside. Spring held the magazine to his face and chuckled to himself. The last phase in his plan was just hours away. All he had to do was wait.

April came in on her way out to work. “Shouldn’t you have left an hour ago? It’s the First Day of Spring. Shouldn’t you be out there spreading the Fever?”

“Oh, just you wait April, my dear. Right now my brother is out there keeping the dead season alive. Well as soon as he’s done, my revenge will be at hand!” He made the last declaration triumphantly and turned the TV to AMC where Mortal Kombat was on. April left him to his movie shaking her head.


Later that night

Spring pulled his black wool coat tighter around him as he headed for the park. It was situated near the center of the city and the perfect place to enact his plan. Man, this coat was warm! April had given it to him; he wondered where she got it from. Winter’s Coat Factory the tag said…. He left the coat on a bench for some homeless person to find. Tugging his scarf tight around his neck, he stood near the frozen bridge and set about doing his job. It took him an hour to melt everything and get his breeze going. After surveying his work, Spring checked his watch and realized it was almost midnight! He hopped off the bench and turned toward the park entrance.

As he did, a massive pain hit him below the belt. Spring doubled over and fell on his side. Looking up he saw his older brother Winter looking down at him dispassionately with his glacier blue eyes. Winter watched him writhe on the ground clutching his injured package before walking off, a chilly breeze ruffling his black trench coat and red scarf. Gingerly, Spring got up willing his green eyes not to water. The expensive, Armani-wearing bastard! What did he ever do to him to warrant such childish behavior? Well it was on now. Now it was war!



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