eBook Finish! Evil Librarian

I’m on a roll digitally. This weekend I finished another e-book sitting on my virtual shelf by Michelle Knudsen called-you guessed it-Evil Librarian.



*Thought I should put this here. There are descriptions of blood, occult type things, and language so if that bothers you I’d either not pick this up or think about it some more before you buy. I’d either check other reviews on retail sites or see if you can check through the sample on Amazon*

Cynthia Rothschild-or Cyn-is the tech director at her high school trying to come up with the best chair ever for their school musical Sweeny Todd. In addition to that and not becoming a swooning mass of hormones over her crush and musical lead, Ryan Halsey, she also has to save her best friend Annie who has fallen into the clutches of hot new librarian, Mr. John Gabriel.

See, Mr. Gabriel isn’t evil as in he’ll fine you for barely late books; he’s evil as in demonic evil. And he thinks Annie will make him the perfect bride when he takes over the throne to the demon world. I thought it rather ironic that his name is John (from the Bible) Gabriel (the archangel). Well played, author.

I picked this book up thinking it would be a funny read. It was although it wasn’t laugh-out-loud-on-every-page type. There are some funny scenes and dialogue between characters at different points which had me grinning and yes-laughing aloud but that was it.

As Cyn tries to save the whole school with Ryan’s help I found the whole thing to actually be kind of realistic. It’s not a smooth journey and the attempts they make do end up in failure. Getting help from adults, consulting occult bookstore owners don’t give them the hope they need to stop Mr. Gabriel and later on more demons from sucking the souls of everyone at the school.

But good does triumph in the end (if that counts as a spoiler) although the length Cyn has to go to will make you feel for her predicament but also admire her for her devotion to her best friend. How many best friends will make literal deals with the devil to save you from evil’s hold over you?

I wondered at one point if it was worth it buying this book. Once I finished I decided that yes, it was worth it and I hated to see it end.





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