eBook Finish! No Place Like Oz

This has been sitting in my Nook for months now and today I finally finished this 100+ page novella that serves as the prequel to Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die series.


The first book, Dorothy Must Die is about a new girl from Kansas, Amy Gumm, who is transported to a dark and twisted Oz where Dorothy has returned and become a ruthless tyrant stealing all of Oz’s magic. I picked up a sample of it at the bookstore and I wanted to give it a try. When I bought the book on Nook I saw the prequel book as well and decided to buy and read it before diving into Dorothy Must Die to get some more insight into the story’s antagonist.

From Amazon.com:

Dorothy clicked her heels three times and returned to Kansas. The end . . . or was it? Although she’s happy to be home with Aunt Em, Dorothy has regretted her decision to leave Oz ever since. So when a mysterious gift arrives at her doorstep on her sixteenth birthday, Dorothy jumps at the chance to return to the glittering city that made her a star.

Setting off for the Emerald City, Dorothy is eager to be reunited with her friends: the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. But she soon discovers that in the time she’s been gone, Oz has changed—and Dorothy has, too. This time, the yellow brick road leads her down a very different path. And before her journey is through, Dorothy will find that the line between wicked and good has become so blurred she’s not sure which side of it she’s on.

No Place Like Oz is Dorothy’s fall from being the girl who defeated the Wicked Witches to becoming Wicked herself.

It did take me while to get into the book which is why it was on my “To-read” shelf forever. It wasn’t until several chapters in that I started to breeze through it.

Dorothy longs to be back in that magic land where she was somebody and not crazy old Dorothy who’s making up stories. I liked how the author sets this up, this spark that says while it’s okay to want more in life, that wanting could very well corrupt you.

I also liked how the silver shoes from the original story are referenced and then the “gift” that is sent to Dorothy is a pair of ruby red shoes like from the movie. Paige was really awesome for incorporating both shoes into the story.

Dorothy returns to Oz and she takes her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry with them. Dorothy’s thrilled to be back but from the moment they arrive, all her aunt and uncle want to do is go home. Nothing about Oz appeals to them in the slightest which only irritates their niece as time goes on. These two view points-the wish for more in life and the contentment in what life has already given you-serve to push her further into Wickedness.

For the rest of the read it became apparent that the shoes were corrupting Dorothy and the garbled message from Glinda when they first arrive in Oz? Fake. Glinda’s not such a Good Witch and I feel like she may be the whole mastermind behind everything. But I’ll have to finish DMD to find out for sure.

Dorothy and Glinda aren’t the only ones who are corrupt; you get to see signs of it in the Tin Woodsman, The Scarecrow, and the Lion. They all have novellas that are prequels as well and now I can’t wait to get those and read them too.

Did I get the insight I was looking for? I believe so. With a character as iconic as Dorothy you’re going to want to know how she went from good to bad. This series is definitely edgy and dark you’ll want to keep reading to see how the characters-both old and new-make out in this dark retelling.


One thought on “eBook Finish! No Place Like Oz

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