Dwindling Pile

I finally finished another book from my pile! I think I’m gonna have to take Goliath from the pile and add volumes 1 and 2 of Requiem of the Rose King, a new series by Aya Kanno.

vampire knight-fleeting dreams

This one was Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams written by Ayuna Fujisaki from Matsuri Hino’s Vampire Knight series. The translation of this novel was done by Su Mon Han.

VK is a manga series about Yuki Cross, a Guardian at Cross Academy whose job is to make sure the Night Class’s secret stays a secret from the Day Class. The secret: the Night Class is full of vampires! More here.

vampire knight_vol_1

Volume 1 of Vampire Knight

This novel features six short stories that Hino-sensei wanted to but couldn’t put in the original series. I probably would have finish the book a month ago when staying with a friend but my attention span got away from me. Heh heh! -_-;

My favorite was the last short, “In a Thousand Years” which takes place after the events of the final battle in volume 19. I wasn’t going to read it because it was just side characters but I’m glad I did. The whole treasure hunt around the Academy, featuring former Night Class members and the Day Class was really fun. And Akatsuki and Yagari’s push-up challenge was hilarious!

For fans of the series who wanted a little more after the last volume and more from your favorite side characters, this novel is for you.

I’d also recommend the special epilogue chapter of the manga, “Life” that Shojo Beat released digitally. I really hope they release the other extra chapters that have been put out in Japan!! >.<

Next in my dwindling pile is volume 3 of the big edition of Skip Beat! Wish me luck!


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