YA Books About Bad Things

Source: YA Books About Bad Things

These are some good thoughts. Teen years are such awkward years so I think kids reading about situations they relate to helps them feel not so alone. On YA author Scott Westerfeld’s blog a few years ago (I can’t remember when) he talked about how a library tried to keep another YA author Ellen Hopkins’s (Crank, Glass, Rumble) books off the shelves for their content. Her Crank series deals with drugs and drug abuse and is a very personal subject for Hopkins herself. I haven’t read it myself because I’m not really into that subject matter (I did peek at it to see if it was something I would like to read) but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be available to teens dealing with situations similar or teens who just like dark tales. Books like these can even serve as cautionary tales. Their messages aren’t going anywhere and will be timeless for future generations. Now I’m going to step off my soap box here.