A Work in Progress

Here’s a little tidbit of a short story I had started from a writing prompt. If you don’t remember, here’s the post where I put it.

Any Given Pyscho

Bates Motel was on. I hate that show but Andrea likes it; kind of ironic. She says I’m a spaz for hating it and calls me Queen of DeNile. I just don’t like the reminder to our own situation especially the movie it’s based off of. Andrea will make me watch it with her so I go in the kitchen and make us some popcorn. While I’m in there I take out Jessica’s green mug and set it on the counter for her in the morning. She always shows up on a Thursday and stays until Sunday. Which is fine but you’d think she’d stay longer since she’s got a guest staying. I mean, I don’t know what to do with him. He stays in our guestroom.

“Forget the bowl,” Andrea says. “Just grab the bag and let’s go!”

I roll my eyes. I take the bag out of the microwave and we plop down on the couch together.

“God, I hate this show,” I grouch.

“Then don’t watch it,” Andrea huffs.

“I wouldn’t but you’re always like, ‘hey Katie, come watch this show with me!'”

“Well, because it’s no fun watching TV alone. C’mon Katie be a sport! What’s the point of roommates if we don’t do stuff together?”

I slump further into the cushions. Yeah, roommates are nice-when they aren’t forcing you to watch stupid shows on television.

“And besides,” Andrea went on. “You know you’re lucky to have me. Without me, you’d be sittin’ in the house all day alone starin’ at the walls!”

“Pardon me for not being so outgoing.”

“Yeah, you wish you were like me,” she smirked.

That sparked an amused grin from me. When I was in high school I often did wish I was more outgoing like some of the popular girls. I was always hiding in the library, keeping my head down. I was a real target for the popular kids when they deigned to notice me. When Andrea came along they learned pretty quick messing with me was a mistake.

Now they don’t mess with anyone anymore.

A thump is heard from upstairs. We look up. I guess Jessica’s guest is up and about; I haven’t heard a peep out of him since he first got here. I wonder if he’s her boyfriend or something. He just showed up last week when I noticed the note from Jess on the door asking to bring him food and leave him alone.

“Aah, leave it alone,” Andrea says. “Just let Jess handle him. He ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

Shrugging, I turn back to the TV.

“And so when she untied you that was when you escaped?” the officer asked.

“Yes,” Tony answered. He was lying in a hospital bed having been brought there a couple hours ago. “But I wasn’t tied, I was handcuffed. The other two, they were the ones who handcuffed me.”

“The other two?” the officer scratched his head. “I thought you said it was one girl.”

“The personalities,” Tony said. “I think there were at least three. I figured she had these multiple personalities because she would be dressed all different and would talk different. When she came in the night she handcuffed me, she was arguing to herself—well, I guess, the two personalities were—mentioning ‘Andrea’ and ‘Katie’. They also mentioned someone named ‘Jess’. I think that was the one who held me there. When she moved into that house I thought she looked like someone. Then I saw a report on the news about that crazy girl escaping from the mental institution. When I was about to call the police I was hit from behind. That Jess girl had broken into my house, said she noticed me watching her too closely and decided to watch me.”

Word count for this post is 666. Wow.


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