The Pile Lessens: Midnight Secretary, Final Volume

Whoo, haven’t been on in a while! Sorry ’bout that, been a tiring week (nothing too serious). On a plus note I finished one of my books from my pile. Very happy, but I didn’t read the short story at the end (I didn’t really care about Marika’s story).

Midnight Secretary, volume 7

Midnight Secretary, volume 7

Midnight Secretary is a manga by Tomu Ohmi and is licensed and released by VIZ Media. in their blurb called it Mad Men meets Vampire Diaries. Me having seen a little of VD and my sister having actually watched it, we had to giggle at the description. It’s not really like VD; probably the only thing in common is the vampires. Same with MM; I haven’t seen it but the whole office setting might have prompted the description.

Basically, the story is about Kaya Satozuka, an exceptional secretary at Tohma Corp., who is assigned to the difficult boss man, Kyohei Tohma. While Kyohei didn’t want a plain Jane like Satozuka working for him, she quickly proves herself to be able to keep up with his difficult tasks and put up with his playboy personality.

Midnight Secretary volume 1

Midnight Secretary volume 1

But soon Kaya finds out that– surprise, surprise– Kyohei is a vampire! And she’s blackmailed into keeping his secret and scheduling his “meals.” The whole series focuses on the growing relationship between the two.

As I’ve said in a previous post, this is for older women (josei) and Kaya’s not the typical emotional, insecure, whiny heroine. I love that. She does worry when her status as a human causes problems for Kyohei but in the end she always resolves to put on a brave face and trust Kyohei.

My only problem with her is that she’s too dedicated to her work as a secretary sometimes. Even toward the end, Kaya still calls Kyohei “sir” after they become an official couple while he calls her Satozuka at work and Kaya in private (most of the time).

I’m trying not to give too many spoilers in case anyone is interested in this. I love Ohmi’s work and I hope they bring more of her works to the U.S. Since I got done with Midnight Secretary I’m diving into her other work VIZ licensed, Spell of Desire (Majo no Biyaku in Japanese) which is about witches.

This last volume ended well. It wasn’t complete happily ever after as there were still some issues with the vampire clan and their moms but overall, if it had to ended that way, it was a good way to end it. I was left satisfied that there was potential that Kaya and Kyohei would overcome the problems they were still facing.

Next on my list is the Vampire Knight novel and I’ll probably start reading Annette Curtis Klaus’s special edition of Silver Kiss for Halloween.


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