The Pile that Grows

Because everybody else posts about what books they’re reading, the stack that waits to be plundered, why shouldn’t I do it too? Don’t be like everybody else you say? Posh! Besides…

I need a little motivation and my pile of books grows larger still…. -.-;

Books that are sitting atop my book shelf, the ones that cannot be shelved until I have completed them:

Skip Beat, 3-in-1 vol. 3 (Vol. 7,8,9) by Yoshiki Nakamura


Right now I’m almost done with the first chapter of volume 7 XP Substituting as Ren’s manager, Kyoko starts to realize that maybe she doesn’t dislike Ren Tsuruga, who’s been nothing but cold to her from the second she entered showbiz. Of course, now she knows he only acted that way because he thought she was only studying acting for revenge.  Can Kyoko gain Ren’s trust while studying to pass her high school entrance exams??

I still have volumes 4-11 of my 3-in-1’s to get through. The mind-boggling… -.-

Midnight Secretary, vol. 7 by Tomu Ohmi


This is the final volume to Tomu Ohmi’s first work in the U.S. This is different from shojo (girls comics) as its josei (women’s comics). I’ve really liked this series and I love the main character, Kaya. She’s so different from the usual heroine in that she’s not whiny and she tries to be honest with herself about her feelings for her vampire boss, Kyohei. Let’s hope things work out for this pair!

Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams, created by Matsuri Hino, written by Ayuna Fujisaki

vampire knight-fleeting dreams

A novel based on Matsuri Hino’s series Vampire Knight. I know two other novels were written based on VK but this is the first novel translated and published from the VK series by VIZ Media. It’s written by Ayuna Fujisaki with original illustrations by Matsuri Hino. Fleeting Dreams contains short stories from different characters ranging from Rido to Sara to Yuki to even White Lily! I bought because it was released after the last volume of the manga came out and I needed more VK fix. Hopefully I like this one since it’s translated from Japanese so hopefully it all flows well for me.

Now that manga related reads are out the way, let me get to my novel-novels!

Goliath by Scott Westerfeld


The third and last in YA author Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy about an alternate WWI universe but with steampunk. One thing about this book is that it has illustrations in the books which is a nice something new. I read the first two books the over the summers they came out but ended up not doing that with this one. As summer’s pretty much over I’m kinda sad I didn’t get to do that with this one. 😦

This doesn’t include the library book I checked out or the new manga series I probably shouldn’t have started (curse you lack of space!). But more on those later.

Can I finish these books? I’d like to by the time October rolls around. Although with the novels I can’t hold my breath. -.-;


3 thoughts on “The Pile that Grows

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