A random musing…. Republishing and Research

I noticed something when browsing books, mainly in the romance section online. I haven’t noticed it in other areas yet but if someone wants to give me a heads-up.

Well, I’m a fan of paranormal-romance author, Christine Feehan. I love her Carpathian series and some of her other ones and as I was just browsing her books, reading reviews and I come across a re-print of hers called Sea Storm.

Cover for Sea Storm

Cover for Sea Storm

This is a re-print of two of her Drake series novels, Magic in the Wind which is a little short story and the first in the series, and Oceans of Fire the 3rd book in the seven book series.

Magic in the Wind

Magic in the Wind

Oceans of Fire

Oceans of Fire

Amazon states at the top it’s a two-in-one of two previously published books. Now, I know there’s a wonderful thing called “pre-order” but I think in this case it didn’t work out so well for some people. Browsing the reviews there were some 1 or 2 star reviews a few days after the publishing date. These people were pissed off, saying how they got ripped off, “I already have these books,” “they shouldn’t re-publish under a new release.”

The worst of this was when these reviewers say, “I will never buy from this author again!”

This was the same with a few of Maya Banks’s Harlequin books. But I also noticed the publisher for her Anetakis trilogy is re-releasing the three books again. (Minor rant: you just release The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress under The Mistress with a new cover for $3.99 on ebook and now you want to release it again under a new cover for more?? Stop, publishers. Just…stop. -__-)


I was just wondering what people think about when they purchase books online. For me, if I see a book by an author I like I try and see what it’s about. If the blurb or a cover or even the release date aren’t on the retail website, I go to the author’s website. Author’s are usually delighted to share impending releases with us, so there’s usually some type of news on their website or social media outlets.

If I can’t find anything, I just wait. Not patiently, mind you, but I eagerly wait for information while wondering what this new book is going to be about. Is it a new series? The latest addition of one of the author’s current series? The anticipation ’bout kills me.

However, I do not make a decision to buy until I know what I’m getting. Otherwise I’ll be left saying, “Huh. I already have this book. Nice cover though.”

What do you do you do when you see an upcoming release or new-looking book from your favorite author? Is it right at to the buy button? Do you look for the summary first? What do you do when scouting for new books in general?


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